Pulp and paper research institute bratislava

The papers contained 10 to 15 percent mineral absorbents zeolites, calcium carbonate. Charlotte Ahlgren National Museum, Department of Paper Conservation, Stockholm, Sweden is investigating the role of oxygen in the ink-corrosion process. In the case of pulp made of long fibers, the Changes in shifting cultivation in Africa.

Ink corrosion Two ingredients in iron-gall inks are known to cause degradation of paper artifacts: Project covers 4 interlinked priority areas: This difference appeared to be connected to the weight and sizing of the papers, rather than to the presence of absorbents.

University of Minnesota Dept. The method will be based on the use of ultraviolet UV pulse lasers, which will ensure preservation of the delicate artifacts by minimizing the absorption volume, the heat-affected zone, and mechanical shock.

By means of stress-strain studies, it could be shown in cellulose and other hygroscopic materials that changes caused by environmental fluctuations are generally reversible non-damaging within a relatively wide 10 to 15 percent range in the moderate RH region 30 to 60 percent.

He has been working on preparing and Assessing the development of innovation concepts, the Innovation Strategy of the SR for -Innovation policy of the SR — Alopaeous, O Papel, 7 Emissions to air, water, and land are tracked and reported under the standard environmental regulations that cover the other industries discussed in this report.

She served in several position and from she is the head of the Department of the National and european science and technology policy.

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He worked as researcher in the area control engineering in industry and now as researcher and associated professor on the Faculty of electrical engineering and information technology, Slovak university of technology in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Master Degree in Paper and Forest Products Science and Technology which lasts 2 years and is open to industry technicians and teachers.

It was also shown that these weak acids attach themselves strongly enough to paper, probably by hydrogen bonding, that they are not easily dislodged from the paper matrix, even upon airing.

These records can be compared with the findings of present-day examinations of the same material, traced in archival collections.


Coatings are often used as a means of passive conservation; however, direct contact with unsuitable coatings or the emission of harmful volatile compounds from coatings can damage artifacts. The purpose of the project was to investigate the effects of aqueous conservation treatments on the mechanical properties of paper.

The process of liquid penetration into SF into handsheet through samples cross-section at the handsheet sample at time intervals of a 0. The range of Verderair air-operated diaphragm pumps and Verdermag mag-drive centrifugal pumps provide an excellent solution for media that is of an aggressive or corrosive nature.

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The understanding of interaction of pulp fibers with water is of key importance when dealing with paper formation process. The swelling ability and the swelling kinetics of three kraft pulps in the form of sheets were investigated.

The swelling. L.

Department of Wood, Pulp and Paper

Hodasova, M. Jablonsky, A. Skulcova, A. Haz - Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.


Lignin as a renewable aromatic resource for the chemical industry (PhD) Flippr- Future Lignin and Pulp Processing Research,Austria: Issue 3 of BIOCORE Newsletter BIOCORE FP7 Institute of Paper Science and Technology. Welcome to the UBC – Pulp and Paper Centre. A University-Industry Partnership for Innovation and Education The Pulp and Paper Centre is an inter-disciplinary, cross-faculty research centre with specialized laboratories and offices for graduate students, post doctoral fellows, research engineers and faculty who conduct research for the benefit of the current and future pulp and paper.

The Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (Paprican), Pointe-Claire, Quebec, has undergone a significant reconfiguration of its operations in Pointe-Claire and Vancouver, British Columbia to better position and strengthen its role in the industry. Research Institute of Paper in Bratislava Managing LAN network of computers, data server, mail server, printers, and laboratory equipment.

Compiling manufactoring statistics Slovak paper industry gabrielgoulddesign.com: Ing. ve společnosti VUPC a.s. The general objectives of the project is to create the Centre of excellence (LignoSilva) in the field of a forestry, wood-processing and a pulp-paper complex involving two major organizations, the National Forest Centre in Zvolen and Pulp and Paper Research Institute in Bratislava in cooperation with the European Forest Institute as a leading.

Pulp and paper research institute bratislava
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