Research papers on sexual harassment in the workplace

Research Paper on Sexual Harassment in Workplace

The first one is quid pro quo and the second is hostile work environment harassment. So, this is a significant issue for the organization that must be solved. This course of action will also limit the liability of the company should Mary choose to further this investigation.

The court also helps to redress and prevent sexual harassment at workplace by providing guidelines to the employees.

Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace

It also increases absenteeism and reduces productivity, efficiency and employees moral. Employers must be consistent and aggressive when it comes to sexual harassment.

Friedman believes corporations are there only to make a profit. Men are thought to be the dominate gender and women the subordinate. Assess the risk of workplace violence and communicate the results of that assessment to a joint health and safety committee, a health and safety representative or to the workers themselves if no such thing exists.

They must make sure that they educate their employees about the types of harassment and how to go about reporting an incident. It is easily tackled by the management within the organization by taking corrective actions and making appropriate policy related to sexual discrimination in employment.

In dealing with problems, companies must avoid any measures that penalize the individual who has lodged a sexual harassment complaint. Within the workplace, sexual harassment is about exclusionary treatment and the abuse of personal power by management to subordinates.

Employers and employees do not always know the legal boundaries of sexual harassment because not all workplaces have a sexual harassment policy in place.

One other author, Norman Bowie, takes a neoclassical view that "corporations are to make a profit while honoring the moral minimum and respecting individual rights and justice. This under-representation is even more pronounced at the apex: Therefore, the majority of sexual harassment claims are from women against men.

Kenneth Cooper is the author of, The Six Levels of Sexual Harassment; he proposed, "managers explain the concept to employees primarily through description of various patterns. In the book, MacKinnon states that because of the traditional gender roles of our society, women disproportionately occupy inferior positions in the workplace.

When sexual harassment does occur on the job, the victim has the legal right to take their employer to court and sue for damages.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

They have to educate themselves as well as their employees about boundaries and exactly what constitutes sexual harassment. Anyone can be responsible for this type of harassment, co-workers, supervisors, or even customers.

Sexual Harassment Research Paper

They must be diligent about what types of behavior is prohibited and unacceptable. Many believe that sexual harassment is about the abuse of power, others believe it is about access to sexual favors, and still others believe that sexual harassment is about access to power and sex.

Yes, they help us to score me some great grades. MacKinnon states that the "social failure" to address these pervasive intimate violations hurt women in terms of the economic status, opportunity, mental health, and self-esteem p.

What Is Sexual Harassment?: The most common topographic point to happen sexual torment is in the workplace. Even if a nearby hearer finds something violative about the remark, it could represent sexual torment. Enjoy our professional research paper writing service.

This may include petitions for sexual favours, sexually oriented gags directed towards a colleague, or relentless sexual progresss even after the victim has made it clear that this makes him or her uncomfortable, and h The being of a hostile work environment, in which an employee feels uncomfortable due to unwelcome sexual actions among other colleagues, even if these actions don t straight affect them.

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Wayne State University law professor Kingsley Brown analyzed data from numerous studies to argue that sexual harassment is rooted in sociocultural causes, as well as biological and psychological causes.

Many sexual harassment victims are never threatened with firing or lack of advancement but instead suffer repeated abuse by a hostile work environment.

There are some corrective actions also included that the managers can use to reduce sexual harassment from the workplace. A victim of sexual harassment must not be forced to address their complaints to a supervisor who is involved in, condones, or ignores the harassment.

This can happen when a person is subjected to offensive language, sexually suggestive pictures, explicit graffiti, or even unwanted gestures.

Sexual Harassment In Workplace Essay Research Paper

In fact, there are fewer and fewer "male only" professions as women become much more fully integrated into all corners of the workforce. As recent asBill was first produced. Review of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Sexual harassment is defined as the threatening or offensive behavior of a person who regularly makes sexual comments or.

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Project Report Sexual Harassment at Workplace. Sexual Harassment at Work Place. Journal of the Thesis About Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment.

Documents Similar To Sexual Harassment Research Paper. Sexual harassment at the workplace. Uploaded by. deepikadevarajan. Sexual Harassment (Report) Uploaded 5/5(5). Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Sexual harassment in the Hong Kong workplace Introduction As sexual harassment is a serious problem in the Hong Kong workplaces, this essay will talk about the situation of sexual harassment and some of the negative effects this may have.

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Free Harassment papers, essays, and research papers. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge problem in recent history.

Research papers on sexual harassment in the workplace
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Research Paper on Sexual Harassment in Workplace