Sacagawea research paper

The Lewis and Clark Expedition was planned by Thomas Jefferson, in order to explore the unknown in the newly purchased Louisiana Territory, and also to find a water route across the continent. The AUMF contains 60 words that grant the president an incredible amount of power. The latter was still the dominant language of St.

Charbonneau died in In spite of separation from her people, illness, physical abuse from her spouse, and an infant to care for, Sacajawea made key contributions to the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Picture 1 - "Sacajawea" from: A troy ounce is equivalent to about It was definitely a unique publicity stunt, and thanks to these stewardesses, the PR campaign helped sway the public into supporting one of the most important construction projects in New York—and by extension, American—history.

Mary Walker kept that Medal of Honor and allegedly wore it until the day she died. She lived in her Rocky Mountain homeland the first 12 years of her life, up until she was kidnapped from her Shoshone people by an enemy tribe, the Hidastas.

Here Charbonneau and Sacajawea decided to remain. Sacagawea, with her infant son, became the only woman in the small band of about 40 or so men.

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When the Lewis and Clark expedition passed through the Hidasta-Mandan village, the expedition was forced to camp and build a fort near the Mandan village because of the harsh winter that lay ahead. The next day, Charbonneau was observed by Clark on two occasions to strike his wife, for which Clark severely reprimanded him.

Her labors soon proved successful and she procured a good quantity of these roots. The explorers were thrilled at their good fortune. Sacajawea is a name meaning "Boat Launcher" in Shoshone. Her father was chief of her village.

Sacagawea - Explorer of the American Frontier

The interpreter and squaw, who were before me at some distance, danced for the joyful sight, and she made signs to me that they were her nation. Both took turns tending to her. Over the course of the journey, Sacagawea identifyed many edible berries and roots, which were used as medicine as well.

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Once the public found out, Congresswoman Lee received a torrent of hate mail. Louis Academy, a Jesuit Catholic school now called St. The baby, Anton Fries, died about three months after his birth.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Jefferson's secretary and confidante, Lewis, and Lewis's friend Clark were assigned to lead the corps of explorers. Sacagawea became one of his two wives and was soon pregnant.


Welch for the two-quarters tuition of J. After more than a year of planning and initial travel, Lewis and Clark and their men reached the Hidatsa-Mandan settlement—about 60 miles northwest of present-day Bismarck, South Dakota—on November 2,when Sacagawea was about six months pregnant. So she was quite the forward thinker.

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Sacajawea's Shoshone name was Boinaiv, which means "Grass Maiden. Highlights of our Coin and Medal programs, including the America The Beautiful Quarters® program, Presidential $1 Coins, and Congressional Gold Medals.

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Mar 27,  · Sacagawea, a Native Indian, went on an expedition with Lewis and Cark and helped achieve the Louisiana Purchase. Sacagawea was born into /5(1). Welcome to the GreatCollections Auction Archive The Auction Archive is a free resource provided by GreatCollections, which you can use to research U.S.

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Sacagawea research paper
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